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Link Love: 6.11.15


5 writing ideas for people who have no time to write.

• Stop saying I could never… and own your full potential.

• Roland Fischer takes photos of buildings up-close and the outcomes have a beautiful graphic edge.

• Some really sound advice: forget about being likable.

• Christoph Niemann has a really cool series of mixed media sketches that you should check out!

• Renting your place? No problem! Here are 10 tips to add personality to it.

• Yes, it’s possible to make friends as an adult!

• Joy has been doing a great Q&A video series and the newest focuses on the one major reason she’s found success.

• I love an Instagram account with a good theme! Here are 8 that you should be following.

• Here’s how to tell if your idea for an eBook or course is a profitable one.

• A child explains why he’s a vegetarian.

Image: Son las huestas.
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