Link Love: 5.21.15

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Shawna X

• Such a good read: Why I Abandoned My Popular Social Media Presence.

• There’s been a lot of controversy raised around artist Richard Prince selling other people’s Instagram photos for up to $90,000.00 a piece.

• Letterer Jessica Hische is sharing a behind-the-scenes look into her process in a brand new book.

• Be so good at what you do that strangers notice your potential.

• Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have the social media following of a celebrity without actually being famous?

“In all, aside from making people roll their eyes at me, the biggest impact of having this absurdly distended online network is that it makes my online life really weird.”

• This year has really felt like the last hurrah for sponsored posts — and blogger Nadine explains why she’s happy that she’s no longer beholden to a blogging agent.

• What is it really like to hire a stylist?

• Pinterest can be a great place for gathering inspiration but if you’re not careful, it can kill your renovation dreams.

• This is the perfect café in Madrid to take all your lady friends to.

Image: Shawna X.
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