Latest & Greatest #31: Just My Type of Graphic Tees

Nubby Twiglet | Just My Type of Graphic Tees

I have a thing for tees with messages emblazoned across them. The bigger the type, the better!

They’re a good conversation starter, not to mention comfortable. I have recently been on the hunt for a few new ones to add to my growing collection and there’s an especially great bunch at both Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters right now. To save you the time of doing a digital dig for the perfect tee, here are some of my top picks.

Nubby Twiglet | Just My Type of Graphic Tees

Pictured above are: 1. RAWR, 2. Stockholm, 3. New Order, 4. Wake Me Up, 5. Get Over Your Selfie, 6. Strange, 7. Don’t Be Jealous, 8. Rock It, 9. Can You Not, 10. My Life and 11. Weekend Lover.

What’s your top pick?

In the top photo, I’m wearing the RAWR tee, NARS lipstick in Jungle Red and a Carrie Hammer necklace. For even more Latest & Greatest posts, click here.

5 Responses to Latest & Greatest #31: Just My Type of Graphic Tees

  1. ahh these have totally become a favourite of mine lately too. i’ve snagged a few good ones, but these are seriously awesome!! might need to add to my collection ; ) thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel says:

    Do you find that having words across your chest gives creepers the opportunity to demonstrate their literacy? I like them in theory (the shirts, not the creepers), but I shy away from them for that reason.

    • Shauna says:

      Haha….such a good comment! Honestly, there’s going to be creepers wherever you go so my take on it is that you might as well just dress for yourself and ignore them.

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