The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 | Hello From Las Vegas!

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

Welcome to The Week In Pictures! How was your week?! Kat, Gala and I landed in Vegas on Monday so mine was full of glitter, magic, margaritas and palm trees. There’s so much more to share with you about places to go and shows to see but for now, here’s a highlight reel:

Pure, ridiculous fun.

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

One of my biggest regrets is not going to see Siegfried and Roy live during my first trip to Vegas in 1998. I have their books and have read most of their interviews but that will never take the place of seeing them perform in person. Gotta love this bronze bust!

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

I went a little crazy with gift shop purchases. The ultimate buy? This two foot tall statue from The Flamingo. I bought it without thinking about how I’d actually get it home and had to ask for packing suggestions.

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

This time around, we stayed at the Encore and everything was on point including the floral arrangements. DAYAMN!

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

A highlight of the trip was seeing Britney live from the front row. Back in my high school days, I was too much of a teenage goth to engage in such delights. Seeing her now was totally worth the wait — that girl still has all the moves, not to mention a killer selection of rhinestone-encrusted catsuits.

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

The perfect place to sit down and rest after some shopping and gambling? On a ledge in front of this epic pegasus inside of Caesar’s Palace. Oh, the drama!

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

One of my favorite hangouts is the Mirage. It’s Polynesian-themed with ample palm trees, a volcano that erupts every half hour and is the former home of Siegfried and Roy. Need I say more?!

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

This was the first vacation in the last few years where I took a real break from client work and lived it up. Most people recommend that you never stay in Vegas for longer than three days but after five, Kat and I were wishing we had another week. There’s so much more to do than engaging in the the usual vices and I can’t wait to share the best finds with you! A few of you were asking where this dress was from — it’s by Nasty Gal.

The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 Las Vegas

The real appeal of Vegas lies in the fantasy — it’s a place where anything goes. False eyelashes, a dash of sequins and a pull on the slot machine handle before noon? All good! Bigger is better, more is more and as Liberace would say, too much of a good thing is FABBBBULOUUUUS! When real life calls for a time out, Vegas is just a flight away, waiting to show you a good time.

I’m signing off for the weekend to spend some time with my family but I wanted to leave you with this quote as a reminder to stay true to who you are and live it up:

“Although they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, do not copy anyone – be yourself and the whole world will love you.” — Roy Horn

14 Responses to The Week In Pictures: 3.7.15 | Hello From Las Vegas!

  1. Lucy says:

    Your instagram posts have made me super excited for my trip to Vegas in a few weeks time! I can’t wait to see your top tips.

    I love the black dress you have on in your luggage trolley pic – where did you get it? Big fan of the fit & flare style!

  2. Jamie says:

    Having done the teenage goth thing (and kind of still am), it’s great being older and liking what you like unapologetically. My friend and I were in LA blasting ‘If U Seek Amy’, parked waiting for another mate outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, when Batman came over to car and started chatting us up, confused by how we looked and the fact we were listening to Britney, ha! Loving your Vegas trip photos and video, looks like it was an absolute blast.

  3. Midge says:

    HOME GIRL! It’s really stupid that I’m commenting to point this out… But that ain’t no unicorn!!

    <3 Love yer blog PEACE

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  5. Scarlett says:

    Your pictures always inspire me to be better at photography. I just got back from a week in NYC, and have now been thinking about the still life images I want to take with my trinkets – and I spent time editing and watermarking photos.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire!

    • Shauna says:

      Thanks so much! It’s so much fun creating arrangements with all the trinkets you’ve collected after traveling. It’s a nice way to cement those memories.

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