It’s Almost Time: Build Your Blog and Your Business With Blogcademy Online!

Build Your Blog and Business With Blogcademy Online!

When it comes to learning, would you prefer to stay in with your cat and take in knowledge from the comfort of home? During the last two years of traveling the world and teaching our Blogcademy workshop, we received hundreds of emails, all asking the same thing: would it be possible to offer the class online?

Many of you have busy schedules, families and other commitments that make it difficult to get away for a few days. We heard you loud and clear and on January 29th, Blogcademy Online launches. You’ll soon be able to partake in our full in-person class…from your couch!

Want a taste of the quality and stye? Our trailer is a great indicator of the atmosphere:

The Online course will be comprised of 18 video modules (yes, that’s a lot — but we want you to know everything it takes to run a successful blog), a 300 page digital book that transcribes the entire class, a bundle of worksheets and access to our private Facebook forum (it’s a lively place, full of a few hundred like-minded souls). You get the same information that we cover in our two day in-person class without ever having to leave home!

This course is 100% learn at your own pace and you’ll have access to it FOREVER. You can rewind and re-watch the videos as many times as you like and do the activities as often as you please. You can either do the whole thing in one weekend, or pace yourself and learn as your schedule allows.

The topics covered in Blogcademy Online are: formatting basics, blogging business plan, defining your ideal reader, crafting your about page, defining your blog’s purpose, writing killer content, consistency, social media, networking, branding, still life 101, advertising, brand collaborations, business documents, income diversification and image usage.

This course is ideal for anyone who has a blog. Whether you’re new to blogging, blogging for fun, plan to eventually do it full time or you want to use your online presence to help sell your own products or services, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, the Online course is packed full of real life examples of how the teachings can be applied — it’s all useful and relatable so you can immediately implement what you’ve learned.

Build Your Blog and Business With Blogcademy Online!

Over the next few weeks we’ve got some fun stuff lined up for you and you can access it all by clicking here and entering your name and email address at the top of the page in the turquoise bar where it says, “Get our top secret blogging resources.” You’ll receive three FREE training videos as well as a special discount code which you can use on Blogcademy Online when it becomes available on the 29th!

Build Your Blog and Business With Blogcademy Online!

To celebrate the launch, we’ve been posting mini manifestos to get you inspired over at The Blogcademy Instagram — they’re another way to inspire you to live life on your terms.

Doing in-person classes is awesome (our next stop is LA in February — and this is the place to be if you thrive on personalized, real life feedback) but an online version will allow us to open the door to so many more of you.

Make 2015 the year that you step up your online presence. If you have the goal to make it happen, Blogcademy Online can teach you what it takes in two days flat.

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