Link Love: 12.11.14

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Untitled Paris

8 tips to improve client relationships overnight.

• What exactly does it mean to run a heart-centered business? And, how can you do it while still earning a decent living?

• If most of us were being honest, our home libraries would be color-coded like this.

• For the majority of millennials, owning a television set is so last century.

• We talk a lot about this subject at The Blogcademy and I’m interested in how the conversation keeps coming up. The new concept of being rich puts more value on experiences instead of possessions.

• The 40 most groundbreaking albums of all time.

• If you’re starting a new business but the basics of getting set up are weighing you down, read this and know that you’re not alone.

• Make your very own DIY flower vase on a tiny budget.

• If you’re overrun with ideas, here’s how to focus and actually get things done.

• Follow these 8 tips to get your blog posts read!

• How not to suck as a creative director.

Image: Untitled — Paris.

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