The Week In Pictures: 11.21.14

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

I hope you had a great week! I’m packing for an extended trip with stops in Palm Springs, LA, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. There’s been a lot of juggling going on behind the scenes this week with late nights filled with formatting report cards and packaging design files but it’s always that way…I’m trying to live up to my life’s motto of working hard and playing hard. 😉

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

Sometimes I am powerless to random impulse purchases like this hand sculpture. I grew up watching a lot of Addams Family re-runs so naturally, it reminds me of Thing. What should it hold? Rings? Rubber bands? Business cards? Give me some ideas!

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

One of the best things about this week was getting an inspiration board installed. I’ll be sharing more about how you can make your own on a budget next Tuesday.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

Pulling together the inspiration board was a fun creative exercise. Digging through years of ephemera and magazine clippings unearthed a lot of gems.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

On Monday, I joined my aunt for some errand running and the next thing I knew, I had an orange Eiffel Tower in my shopping cart. Totally ridiculous…but right at home in my office.

Nubby Twiglet | The Week In Pictures

One of the perks of being a designer is getting to work with creative folks who inspire you to live a more full, adventurous life. Kitty Cavalier is one of those people and she surprised me with an autographed copy of the book we designed together earlier this year.

I’m off to wrap up some projects so I can join my grandparents for a night out on the town. They seem to out-party me every night of the week…and they’re in their 80s. I’m not worthy. 😉 Have an amazing weekend! I’m going to miss out on Thanksgiving this year (I’ll be in Australia) so I’ll be living vicariously through all of you. I hope you have something fun planned with family and friends. Sending lots of love your way!

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    • Shauna says:

      Counting down the hours till we’re reunited, my blue-haired friend! Also, I’m holding you to the pumpkin-flavored hunt! If it fails, let’s just hightail it over to Waffee. Haha.

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