Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

A Weekend In Amsterdam Full of Flowers, Cheese, Stroopwafels and The Blogcademy!


While in Amsterdam with The Blogcademy, we kicked off our weekend of teaching at The Thinking Hut, a rad building built in 1912 that houses a co-working space during the week.



The decor in this space was off the hook — check out those colored cabinets! The Dutch have such a natural flair that I really admire.


We had quite the international mix of ladies in this class, hailing from Belgium, Ireland, the U.S. and more. After teaching this class so many times in different countries, it always amazes me how similar we all really are when it comes to careers, blogging and relationships.


To switch things up for this class, we pushed a row of tables together the length of the room and set up communal seating versus our usual rows. It turned out really well — everyone was chattier than usual (sometimes a little too much so!) and because of that, a lot of the girls walked away at the end with some great friendships.


There was a huge supermarket around the corner from our Air bnb apartment (oh man, I have some stories of buying the wrong things because I couldn’t read the labels!) so we stocked up on lots of treats. Sugar for all!


I fell hard for Padmini’s coordinated sweater and skirt set. Ahhh, so good!



Thanks to our Amsterdam sponsors for the kick-ass goodie bag mix: Tattoo transfers by Hello Harriet, WordPress for Beginners books by Reeta Krishna, sparkly ears by Crown and Glory, branded pens by Go Promotional, tattoo transfers by Pepper Ink Vintage, paper decor by Strange Case, no-snag hair ties by Mane Message and notebooks by Veronica Dearly .


Oh, and a special shout-out to Sketch Inc. for these fantastic notebooks. I still have a stash I’m happily working through!



And finally, Cornela Blom is a goddess — she not only created this beautiful flower backdrop that was the ultimate conversation piece during class but also, corsages for all!


Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who joined us in Amsterdam — I loved getting to know so many of you. And thank you for following along! Next up: Australia!

Event Space: The Thinking Hut.
Photographer: Kerry Murray.
Assistant: Sophie King