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Link Love: 8.14.14

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

• When you overschedule yourself, there’s no time to think. How far are people going in our modern society to avoid introspection?

• To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its website, Microsoft recreated its original homepage from 1994. We’ve come a long way, baby.

• What I Instagrammed versus what was really happening. Or, my entire life is a lie.

• Feed your head + find your soul. “…the difference between people who are successful and not are that those who are successful seemed to know from the age of 7 or 8, maybe older, they’re very in tune with what they love.”

• Should unpaid internships be destroyed for good?

• Discover the saddest, most lonely tweets you ever tweeted.

• Wondering what Brooklyn looked like during the summer of 1974? Here you go.

• I don’t read many fashion blogs these days but the one I keep going back to for more is Micah Gianneli. This woman has a sense of style all her own. I love it.

• Kandee Johnson on what to do if you feel like a failure.

• The Instagram trend of the moment: statue selfies.

• Just what I need: a list of 5 hard to kill houseplants.

• When it comes to success, don’t forget to celebrate the little things.

• I’ve been obsessed with the Waffee branding (waffles + coffee = pure genius) since I spotted it in Melbourne last year. So good!

• I’d definitely go camping if there were handmade heart marshmallows involved.

• There’s a chart that catalogs hip hop artists with the largest vocabulary.

• If you’re not sure that blogging is a good fit for you, here’s a list of 35 alternatives.

• My favorite tribute yet: a few thoughts about Robin Williams.

Photo: Shauna Haider.
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