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Link Love: 7.25.14

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Kinfolk Magazine

• When you have too many ideas, what should you do with them?

• It’s possible to help people AND earn money.

• I was one of 22 young influencers interviewed about my thoughts on businesses marketing to millennials.

• 9 things designers do that they’d never admit!

• Sting isn’t leaving any money for his kids. Here’s his reasoning.

• 10 very harsh critiques of famous buildings!

• How to wire your own hanging modern lamp.

• 12 free fonts that work great for headlines and titles.

• How do you differentiate between taking risks with your life and career versus being reckless?

• How do you request the final payment you’re owed from a client?

• I was just interviewed by fellow blogger Allison and we chatted about juggling multiple businesses, life in Portland and much more.

• This is a great history lesson on how New York City cleaned up its graffiti problem on subway cars.

• Made me laugh: the essential guide to summer fruit.

• The most legendary pizza delivery guy in existence.

• Why is the internet so blue?

Photo: Mark Sanders for Kinfolk Magazine.
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