Little Lessons #8: Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Nubby Twiglet | Little Lessons: Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

On Saturday, I received an invitation to somewhere I least expected: the rodeo. I’m a city person at heart and my personal style and taste in music can best be described as avant-garde…or just plain weird. It’s about as far away from country as you can get.

But, I was intrigued. There’s something fascinating about entering a completely different cultural realm and soaking it up. I love seeing how other people live, what types of hobbies they’re into and what their version of “normal” looks like. Do you, too?

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone as often as possible because it will leave you feeling inspired in ways that you least expect. I ended up having an absolute blast at the rodeo. I made friends with some very handsome livestock, hung out next to a very patriotic carousel and happily stepped in to snap photos of folks posing on saddles in the rodeo bar.

The rodeo was the last place on my mind when I woke up but by that night, I was thankful that I’d kept an open mind, said yes and let the rest unfold. When we become overly attached to our idealized way of living life, it becomes too easy to play it safe and miss out on experiences.

Lesson learned: Inspiration is lurking everywhere. Everywhere! When the potential for a great adventure comes your way, say yes, even if it’s off the beaten path.

Your turn: What unexpected adventure have you been on lately?

7 Responses to Little Lessons #8: Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Sarah Von says:

    Love it! Last weekend my guy and I headed into rural Wisconsin to check out an old-school supper club. Red vinyl chairs, wood paneling, the whole bit. We loooooved it! Now we want to hit up every supperclub within 2 hours of Minneapolis!

    • Shauna says:

      Sarah Von: That sounds like SO much fun! Totally up my alley! It’s so cool when they are pretty much untouched — we don’t have many in Portland but there are a few bars that are frozen in time from the 40s and 50s I like to visit.

  2. MPrazz says:

    Totally agree! I am now studying in a foreign country, so I know the feeling! Everything is different here, and almost every day I am confronted with something I have never tried before! But I also try to keep an open mind and embrace the change, and you’ll find that you become much more mature, self-confident and open-minded once you start stepping out of your comfort zone more often :)

    • Shauna says:

      MPrazz: That must be so exciting studying in a foreign country! I never had the means to do that but looking back, I wish I’d had the opportunity. The best way to step outside of your comfort zone is to just dive in like you’ve done — those experiences will stick with you forever.

      • MPrazz says:

        That’s very true, Shauna! I have been in Czech Republic for two years now and I don’t regret it one bit! Even at a professional level, going to a different country sometimes open a lot of doors and opportunities for you! Anyway, great post! I think (and hope) it will inspire a lot of people to also try different things and step out of their comfort zone.

  3. Auie says:

    Indeed you’re right. It’s so easy to stay in our safe route all the time. Falsifying the idea that doing other things besides what’s on schedule is not our thing and lifestyle. But sometimes these other things are actually what sparks inspiration and excitement in or lives, usually it is what engages us to a more fulfilled reality. It usually is the kick our lifestyle needs to add umpf into it or shake it up a little bit.

    For me, being engaged is my newest adventure. Who knew that from the moment you get engaged, there is already a journey all on its own. And wedding details aren’t even on the list yet.

    Lovely post!! I’ve been enchanted by your ever lovely posts ever since I read (well, okay stalked) the Blogcademy headmistresses’ blogs. Looking forward to more lessons learned! 😀


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