What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

Nubby Twiglet | What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a company’s purpose for existing but I like the idea of individuals having them, too. Do you have one?

For the last year, my friend Joey has been working on a personal project where she takes a photo of a different person every day and then asks them a handful of questions. The excerpts go here and I’m always most intrigued by their personal mission statements. I feel like these few words can speak volumes about a person. Some are self improvement focused while others are focused on changing the world at large. Either way, they’re always inspiring and remind me that we each have goals, dreams and passions that hinge on changing ourselves and our surroundings for the better.

As I sat next to Joey a few weeks ago while she interviewed one of her subjects, I wondered aloud what my personal mission statement would be. It came to me pretty fast:

Work hard and play hard.

No matter what I’m doing, I give it my all. When I’m working, I’m focused on creating the best possible solution. I want to put work out into the world that that not only stands the test of time but makes my clients happy. The second I’m off the clock though, I want to play hard. I want to explore whichever city I’m in at that moment, snap photos with family and friends and hit a mix of the nicest restaurants and dive bars alike. I want to soak in as many experiences as possible.

What about you?

What’s your personal mission statement?
What does it say about you?
Do you feel that it keeps you on track and gives you direction?

Photo: Diane and Mike. Playing hard for me often requires confetti and jumping on beds. 😉

21 Responses to What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

    • Shauna says:

      Steven Buehler: I like that a lot! It would also be a great prompt to get people you’ve just met to open up and share more about themselves.

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  3. Melinda says:

    A bit nerdy but….Don’t Panic. I have terrible anxiety and it is very detrimental in the ad world where clients panic at the drop of the hat. Plus, my anxiety turns into fear, I fear phone calls from specific clients who do cause drama and stirs up trouble for people.

    It’s funny, I get jealous of people who say “Get rid of the negativity around you” and I think to myself…if I do that…I lose my clients! lol

  4. Mine is ‘Now is your time to shine’. It stops me procrastinating and having doubts and makes me get on with it and take some risks. In the same vein I’m also a sucker for a good ‘What’s the worse that can happen?’ once that’s out there there’s no excuses not to try.

  5. An says:

    Mine would be: play! This is more of a reminder to myself to add a touch of playfulness to all I do – it always brings a lightness, carefree spontaneity and a sense of abundance to what I do.

  6. Cyndi says:

    When I was in high school I used to put “Love, Smile & Dream” at the end of all my theatre bio’s but it still is how I live to this day. LOVE where you can, SMILE when you can’t and DREAM of the next possibility.

  7. Christie says:

    Love this idea!! I think mine would be… Have Fun, Be Free, Be Me!

    I like things to rhyme and I try to live my life this way at all times… even though at times it can be a struggle! :p

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