Link Love: 6.19.14


Nubby Twiglet | Lark Pom Pom Garland

• 15 photos of New York’s gritty subway from 1981.

• Check out David Bowie’s list of 100 books.

• How to rebuild your business in a new market.

• The most beautiful library in America got demolished decades ago. How did this happen?!

• Smoked s’mores in a jar? Yes, please!

• I always love learning about cool new Kickstarters.

• Behold the fashionable grandpas of New York! #instagramps

• 5 internet laws your small business might be breaking!

• 162 emoji we definitely need. Like, right now.

• This site will tell you if your browser is outdated.

• 40 maps that explain food in America.

• For a good laugh, check out kids reacting to old computers.

• These dinner parties are otherworldly and completely amazing.

Image: Lark.

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