Link Love: 5.22.14


Nubby Twiglet | Josh Olins

• Should you ever work for free in exchange for exposure?

• Learn how to make your own custom built-in desk!

• Here’s how the neighborhoods of Manhattan got their names.

• When you’re working on new offerings for your audience, create little miracles.

• 5 calligraphers to follow on Instagram.

• What does your ideal day look like?

• As a blogger, what can you do to create a sense of community?

• Everything you never knew about Naomi Campbell.

• Here’s a cheat sheet of compliments you can give someone that aren’t about physical appearance.

• The coolest New York City beach motel has just been revamped in Rockaway Beach.

Life is good. Sometimes, you have to slow down down and just enjoy where you are.

• How to make decisions.

Photo: Josh Olins for CLM.

One Response to Link Love: 5.22.14

  1. Sara says:

    The links this week are fantastic! I mean they’re always fantastic, but these ones super hit home. Love this roundup please don’t stop anytime soon!

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