Link Love: 5.1.14


Nubby Twiglet | Tim Walker

• Are you in a blogging slump? Here’s what to do.

• Hold yourself accountable by following the punk rock take on the four agreements.

• If you’re feeling jealous of an industry peer, this advice can help.

• Stop playing the numbers game when it comes to your website’s traffic and social media stats. It’s a vicious cycle.

• Since we still have another bathroom in our house to remodel (it never ends!), I like these alternate patterns for subway tile.

• A Beautiful Mess shares their take on sponsored posts.

• Sam Polk wrote a sobering account of his addiction to wealth. “In 2010, in a final paroxysm of my withering addiction, I demanded $8 million instead of $3.6 million. My bosses said they’d raise my bonus if I agreed to stay several more years. Instead, I walked away.”

• Planning a trip? Here’s an awesome list of tools and tips.

• Rejection letters sent to famous people.

• Behind the scenes of America’s textile industry.

• If your hair is bleach ravaged, here’s how to rescue it!

Image: Tim Walker.

2 Responses to Link Love: 5.1.14

  1. Nicola Gomersall says:

    I love Lily Cole; her project is fantastic. It’s nice to read a website that’s not just about consumption, consumption and more consumption.

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