Daily Archives: April 24, 2014

Link Love: 4.24.14


• Naming your product or service can be so incredibly difficult and frustrating. Alexandra Franzen is here to help!

• Are you deathly afraid of success? What’s holding you back?

• Photographer Luke Copping shares more about his newsprint project that my studio, Branch designed.

• 5 quick grammar tips to improve your writing.

• Your first idea is not always your best.

• Learn how to make your own hand-stamped necklace.

• How did famous creative people spend their days?

• A Tumblr dedicated entirely to vintage French photos? Yes, please.

• I want a copy of Holiday so bad. A travel magazine published from 1946-1977, it’s just been reintroduced!

• When it comes to your life choices, there are shoulds and musts.

• Starting a blog is not the right choice for everyone.

• Stop downsizing your joy.

Photo: Suvi Kesäläinen.