Link Love: 4.10.14


Nubby Twiglet | Link Love: Valentino 2014 RTW

• Fellow graphic designer Tara Victoria just featured me in her Wildly Talented column. I chit-chat about my childhood idol, the best part about working for myself and much more!

• Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

• 15 common mistakes that designers make.

• Is your business stuck in neutral? Use this post as motivation to get out of the funk.

• Here’s some great advice on how to deal with that little voice in your head that says you aren’t doing it right.

• Sian shares her 3 new favorite business apps.

• Wow! A 3D newspaper ad.

• Google Street View just got a whole lot better. Now you can take a romantic evening stroll through Paris.

• Interested in writing a book? A Beautiful Mess just launched an e-course that details how to write and pitch a book proposal!

• This post really makes me want to check out Miami Beach.

• What should you do when a client threatens to badmouth you?

• This is an interesting read about the brand behind Beyoncé.

• Even if you work in a shared office space with an open floor plan, you can still dress things up.

• An ex Google exec is inventing a better way to buy bras.

• I didn’t want to believe this was real but it most definitely is: human Barbie dolls.

Photo: Valentino Fall 2014 RTW.
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