The Week In Pictures: 3.21.14 | Palm Springs…Again!



I just got back to Portland this morning (after coming uncomfortably close to missing my flight). I had to head home earlier than I wanted to finish my dreaded taxes — all you entrepreneurs out there know the pain of tax season!


Let’s back up a bit…on Monday, I had a client meeting in Malibu — our project, a photography book is nearly finished and we were making some last minute tweaks before it goes off to print. It’s going to coincide with an art show and I’ll have MUCH more to share once things wrap!



After that was done, I realized that though I had work to get done, I could do it from the road and my schedule was actually pretty open for a few days. We made some last minute hotel reservations and headed over to Palm Springs.



Joey and Rocky had visited the Ace but never stayed there so we checked in for the night and I showed them around.



I had the most random suitcase of stuff packed — nothing made much sense together since we were in a mad rush to finish the bathroom and get the house back in order before we took off for the week. It was fun to dust these old Dries wedges off, though.


Palm Springs is my happy place. I have a thing for midcentury modern architecture and I love visiting because the buildings make me feel like I am walking through a magical time warp. Can you even imagine if this was your apartment building?!



After our early morning walk, we had breakfast next to the Ace pool and peeked around the grounds — it was pretty quiet considering it was mid-week. So relaxing.




We had such a great time in Palm Springs that we ended up booking a second night at The Curve. A little tip: It’s literally three doors down from the Ace and if you search out online deals, a third of the price. We actually loved it here and it’s a great budget option if you’re okay with less trendiness and the internet being on the slow side. 😉


I hope you enjoyed my peek into Palm Springs. It’s time for me to sign off and finally conquer those taxes once and for all. Enjoy your weekend!

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