Link Love: 3.20.14



• The first few years of business aren’t easy but they are totally worth it.

• The best kind of life advice: if you want it, go get it!

• Airplanes of a bygone era had piano bars, cocktail lounges and restaurants and let’s be honest, flying looked WAY more fun!

• If you’re dreaming of leading up a workshop or retreat, Alexandra Franzen has put together a genius checklist of everything you should consider.

• Elsie just wrote a great article all about young industries with a focus on blogging.

• When it comes to business, here’s what to do when everything sucks!

• A personal favorite quote on happiness.

• What if the true secret to success is failure?

• I love Kathleen’s tips on how to attract dream customers.

• I just found out about custom signmakers Slideshow Sign Co. thanks to Vanessa. So much eye candy!

• Fellow designer and friend Breanna Rose just launched her own studio, Rowan Made!

• Celebrate 100 years of design on this gorgeous website.

• Here’s what to do if you’re falling out of love with New York.

Image: Malika Favre.

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