What I Wore: Poolside In Palm Springs

Nubby Twiglet | Poolside in palm Springs

It’s true that I was camped out in Palm Springs for a boatload of work but I was determined to get that work done as quickly as possible…because right outside my bedroom door was a glistening pool, torturing me at every side glance.

Working from sunrise to sundown, Kat, Gala and I finished our project two days ahead of schedule and I wasted no time slipping on a slightly ridiculous look to enjoy the 80 degree day (while my Portland friends texted me photos of the so-called snowpocalypse happening right outside their front doors).

Nubby Twiglet | Poolside in palm Springs

You’d think that based on my ghostly pallor, I hate the sun, pool and beach but I actually love all three — I just rarely make it outside because my job calls for me to be chained to a computer most of the time. But when I do make it poolside, I try to live it up!

I’m all for overdressing, even when I’m perched by the pool. The best part is that a glam look doesn’t need to break the bank. My swimsuit and kimono were each under 50 dollars a piece.

Nubby Twiglet | Poolside in palm Springs

My poolside look consisted of an ASOS swimsuit (sadly sold out), an ASOS striped kimono (now on sale), an H&M wool hat, lucite buckle shoes from Quelques Shoes De Plus and some very fancy Cutie Dynamite sunglasses.

Nubby Twiglet | Poolside in palm Springs

Palm Springs feels like a million years ago as I sit in my office in Portland, bundled up with a blanket draped over my lap, clutching a cup of piping hot coffee. Take me back!

Do you have any fun getaways planned? Where are you dreaming of going next?

All photos: FX Media.

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