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The Week In Pictures: 2.7.14



Hello from gorgeous Palm Springs! I’ve been in town since Monday for work but I’ve been determined to squeeze some fun in whenever possible. That affirmation has been made all the easier ever since we met Steve, a cab driver and lifelong resident who has taken us on a few special jaunts. So far, we’ve gotten to see a yard full of alien and robot sculptures, Frank Sinatra’s old pad and the famous Marilyn statue.


Whenever I’m in Palm Springs, it’s a great excuse to pull out all of my brightly colored clothing. I’ve been finally getting the chance to wear this Nasty Gal top. The large brimmed hat was found at H&M.


For our stay, we rented a mid-century modern dream home. Being surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, a pool in the back yard and even having our own lemon tree has been quite surreal.


There’s also a bar. But, work comes first so we haven’t gotten a chance to put it to use yet!


Kat, Gala and I have been rocking these insanely awesome Cutie Dynamite sunglasses every chance we get. Can you blame us?!


There’s been a flurry of action at the house including a photo shoot with Made U Look. I love this look that Kat was wearing earlier in the week.


One of my favorite activities in Palm Springs so far has been riding bikes through town.



My idea of heaven: pulling inspiration and creating real life mood boards. Also, I’m loving this fluorescent coral dress from ASOS.


Workin’ it on a balcony at The Saguaro in an ASOS flower dress.


The most attention-grabbing yard I’ve ever seen: this artist has filled every possible space with dozens of brightly-colored sculptures.


Thanks for tuning in! Every time I visit Palm Springs, I fall a little more in love. Is there anything else that’s an absolute must-see before I hit the road in a few days?

Have an amazing weekend. I can’t wait to share more with you!

Shauna Haider and FX Films.