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Link Love: 12.19.13


Nubby Twiglet | Link Love

• A provocative piece addressing the so-called the death of blogging.

• The pro designer’s guide to working from home.

• Here’s how to charge more for your services without leaving your clients in the dust!

• This is one of the best free icon sets I’ve seen.

• When does the constant reassurance of “I deserve it” go astray?

• 50 DIY gift ideas.

• The 3 major flavors of writer’s block and how to get over them!

• Teenage girls, as imagined by an 8 year old in 1991.

• Do your parents keep guilting you about visiting for Christmas?

• 100 Photoshop tutorials to level up your skills.

• The Verge gathered up the the 50 most influential people of the moment.

• The golden era of spam comments has ended!

• I loved reading Kate’s post on love, marriage and second chances.

• If you need a cheat sheet for character codes on your keyboard, this website is for you.

• Who goes to work to have fun?

Image: Grazia Germany.
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