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The Typofiles #130: Denizen Magazine

Nubby Twiglet | Denizen Magazine

When you’re traveling for weeks at a time with a just a small suitcase and carry-on in tow, space becomes sacred. Each little thing you buy could be the point of no return when it comes to zipping your suitcase closed. One of my vices when I travel are local magazines but as you know, they get heavy and bulky!

One afternoon, Gala’s parents took us to a cute little coffee shop in Wellington and I spotted Denizen. It was amazingly good — the styling, the fonts and the layouts were all pitch perfect. One flip through and I was asking Gala’s mom where the nearest newsagent was! It was one of only two magazines I hauled back.

Nubby Twiglet | Denizen Magazine

Launched in 2010, Denizen is an Auckland-based publication that focuses on the art of living well. It’s not just about a singular subject but more about a lifestyle filled with great food, beautiful spaces and a killer wardrobe. Learn more and subscribe here.

Featured: Denizen
All scans and photos: Shauna Haider
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