Link Love: 12.5.13



• Tired of the same old Yule Log? Impress your holiday guests with Yule Log 2.0!

• Feeling social media burnout? Maybe it’s time to bring in a robot to mimic you.

• What are you supposed to do when your life is a beige pointless hellscape?!

• Learn how to make peppermint marshmallows.

• This man stepped up and saved an independent bookstore.

• Will your online identities live on after you die?

• Are you being watched at work? Welcome to the world of human analytics.

• Complaining does not work as a strategy!

• This Paris Hilton interview has a few unexpected twists.

• As a small business owner, are you having issues conveying your value to clients? A process sheet can help.

• Joan Didion’s thoughts…on everything.

• If you’re self employed, when should you promote yourself?

• Roundups of the best photos of 2013 are rolling in!

• Is the internet dying? Maybe it’s time to go pick out a tombstone.

• Behold badass lady creatives! I love how everything’s nicely organized in this Pinterest account.

Image: Jean Patchett of Nina Leen.
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2 Responses to Link Love: 12.5.13

  1. Kathleen says:

    Ah, that Paris Hilton interview made my day! I remember crushing on her for the same reasons as the author and to this day I love unapologetic badasses and personalities. Paris paved the way!

    • Shauna says:

      Kathleen: It was great, right?! I saw her in person at a Courtney Love concert in LA back in 2007 and the audience was too cool for school. Yet there Paris was, in the corner, dancing by herself, not looking self-conscious, having an awesome time. That’s admirable.

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