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Good afternoon from freezing Portland! It’s been an interesting week trying to get back into the swing of deadlines, emails and client calls after nearly a month on the road. While I had the time of my life in Australia and New Zealand, I returned home Monday night with a stomach bug I haven’t been able to kick since. Those 10 flights caught up with me…traveling that much always does.

Getting back into a daily routine and posting on the blog has been tough this week because in a way, I’m feeling a post-vacation disconnect. Traveling to somewhere new means that there’s excitement around every corner, especially when your itinerary involves theme parks, beaches and rain forests. Posting about those experiences from your home office while wearing pajamas? Not so fun. Starting today, I gotta kick these blues — I’m just missing my friends, teaching and exploring new cities.


Wandering around Melbourne last Saturday, I was blown away by all the amazing branding I saw on small, independent boutiques. I’ve been slowly sharing some of my best finds on the Branch Instragram with more to come. I loved the combination of black penny tiles and minimal type treatment on this sign in particular.


One my favorite stops in Melbourne was Pickings & Parry. I loved this handsome mustached gnome…no surprise there!


…and this stylish espresso machine! Plus, the staff was amazingly friendly.


Even though the post-vacation blues hit me hard this week, I’m really looking forward to having the stretch of the next two months off. I have a lot of plans I’ve been mapping out across my businesses and it’s time to stop making excuses and get it all done. And I’m taking the time to organize my filthy office!

On another note, one promise I made myself when I started We Are Branch a few months ago was that I wanted to seek out more ways to give back. I had a lot of people help me out in the beginning of my career and it made a world of difference in my life at the time. This morning, I did a live video chat with a graphic design class taught by Danielle of No Plastic Sleeves, answering questions about design processes and how to carve out a successful career as a graphic designer. I’m hoping to do more design-related talks and portfolio reviews in the new year. If I can make it easier for one design student to find their way, I’ve done my job.

This post is starting to get long and mushy so I’m going to sign off now — have a great weekend and I hope you find time to do something that’s meaningful to you. For me, that means hitting the town tonight with my crazy family. I’m always the tame, well-behaved one of the bunch. 😉

Top scan: Polaroid by Janneke Storm, coaster from QT Hotel, Rocky necklace by Gabriella of Pixie and Pixier.

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