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Link Love: 11.21.13


Nubby Twiglet | Twiggy

• The 5 reasons why blogging is not working for your business.

• A former employee admits that she never felt appreciated at her job but she still can’t let go.

• One of my favorite blogs to peruse for branding inspiration is Identity Designed.

• I use this tutorial all the time when I need to add an image to my e-signature in Gmail.

• What’s the secret to achieving success when it comes to running your business?

• 10 reasons why Kate Spade is the queen of digital marketing.

• These rainbow pencils are so cool!

• How do you travel and not fall apart health-wise?

• When put on the spot, R. Kelly can turn any topic, no matter how random into a song.

• Promise Tangeman shows us how to achieve the double ponytail in a quick and easy hair tutorial.

• 4 ways to know for sure whether your business idea has potential.

• I love Garance Doré’s list of things New Yorkers do.

• Frances MacLeod has created a daily gratitude list to celebrate all the things she’s thankful for and the best part is that the posts include a combination of illustration, photography and hand-lettering.

Image: Twiggy, 1967.
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