Link Love: 11.7.13


Nubby Twiglet | David Downton

• This week, ABC News interviewed Kat, Gala and I about The Blogcademy during our Melbourne class. It went live across Australia Wednesday night and we still can’t believe it!

• As an entrepreneur, being afraid is good for you.

• I just found out about this house swapping site for designers and artists and the listings are amazing!

• The new branding projects Kelli Anderson just shared are so inspiring.

• A group of French teenagers went on a drunken rampage and kidnapped a llama named Serge!

• Take the time to explore your daily surroundings. You never know what you’ll find.

• When this waffle house in Indiana closed, it shook up an entire community.

• The one fashion blog I can’t get enough of these days is Gary Pepper Girl. The quality of Nicole Warne’s photos is so over the top good!

• With Facebook’s growth, at some point it will inevitably have more dead users than living.

• As I scroll through Instagram, I’ve been noticing more negative comments on the accounts of people I follow. I’m not the only one. What’s causing this wave of public hatred?

• The Atlantic gathers up the 50 greatest inventions since the wheel.

• The best advice on failure.

Image: David Downton.
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