Link Love: 10.31.13

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Kimihiko Okada

• Personal branding is about sharing your stories.

• The number one branding mistake that companies make.

• Four ways to make your landing page copy more persuasive.

• This is an amazingly thought-provoking piece: when you’re a musician, what constitutes a true fan?

• Here’s how to style a corner gallery wall.

• As a freelancer, how do you go about raising your rates?

• Every business should have a business plan. If you’re not sure where to start, follow along on this multi-part series I’m putting together that breaks each section down into bite-sized pieces.

• Most of what you are going to do or say today is not essential.

• I am a terrible cook but I can’t get enough of I Am A Food Blog. Between the food photos and ever-changing design elements, it’s total eye candy.

• Three ways to get more eyeballs on your blog posts.

• Watch a hand-lettering master at work!

• Why do we hate seeing photos of ourselves?

Image: Kimihiko Okada.
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