Adventures in Australia: Koala Cuddling

Nubby Twiglet | Koala Cuddle

Hello from beautiful Australia! I’ll have much more to share about my adventures in The Week In Pictures this Friday but one thing just couldn’t wait…I got to hold a baby koala!

This is Brandy and she weighs about nine pounds (the same as Rocky). I picked her up and she put her little paw on my shoulder and I melted. I stood there like a proud mother (haha) for a solid five minutes and honestly, I probably would have been happy standing there all day. If you’re ever visiting the Gold Coast, make a beeline for Dreamworld to hold your own koala (and also pet some kangaroos while you’re at it).

Oh, Brandy. What a doll! My life is complete now. To keep up with even more of my adventures down under in real time, you can follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

17 Responses to Adventures in Australia: Koala Cuddling

  1. Natalie says:

    Soooo cute! I always love seeing koalas, and it always surprises how they feel and smell. I always think they should smell very eucalyptus-y, but I find they remind me of the way horses smell! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Australia so far!

  2. Amelia Grace says:

    Enjoy your time in Australia Nubby. Koalas can get aggressive…but they are always sleepy/drowsy from the eucalyptus in the leaves they eat!! Are you going to be around for Melbourne Cup?

  3. Pearl says:

    Awwe so cute. I moved to Melbourne a few months ago and I still haven’t got around to visit a Koala sanctuary. Something I need to remedy ASAP!

  4. Medusa says:

    Hi Nubby!

    You are so lucky you got to snuggle this little cutie! I originally saw your picture on Twitter & commented there.

    When I was in Australia, I was in Tasmania & while you can see koalas there at nature reserves, you cannot hold them.

    So I still must do this!

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