What I Wore: Keeping It Simple With Travel Attire

What I Wore: Keep It Simple

When I sat down awhile back and counted up how many flights I’d be catching over the next three weeks, they added up to 10 in total. That’s a lot of time spent crammed onto a plane! With a travel schedule this crazy, I knew it was time to find a way to embrace comfort full-on while criss-crossing Australia and New Zealand.

Planning ahead, I picked up a stretchy full-length black dress at H&M that feels more like a nightgown and I will be pairing it with my Zara boots during each leg of my journey since they easily slide off for trips through security.

What I Wore: Keep It Simple

What I Wore: Keep It Simple

This is the most simple look I’ve ever posted on my blog — flat footwear and absolutely no jewelry is a rarity for me! I gave it a test-run over the weekend during a walk with Joey and Rocky. Though, it was much cooler in Portland than Australia so I wore my Rick Owens coat over the top which I’m definitely not packing! Security would have a heyday with the built-in hip panels, don’t you think?

What I Wore: Keep It Simple

I wore:
Maxi dress, H&M
Boots, Zara
Coat, Rick Owens

It’s nice to finally have a go-to travel uniform that doesn’t involve leggings, t-shirts or sweatpants but feels just as comfortable.

6 Responses to What I Wore: Keeping It Simple With Travel Attire

  1. Tracey says:

    Hi Shauna – great look and super practical but just so you know, it’s unseasonably warm in Sydney and even more so in Brisbane – you might find those long sleeves a bit uncomfortable when you get out of the air conditioning. Happy travels.

  2. Natalie says:

    It looks wonderful! Comfortable, yet still stylish. I have one dress I always seem to wear whenever I’m flying. I never understand how people can catch flights in stiff fabric dresses and heels, I can understand wanting to still look good, but there are ways to look good and be comfortable!

  3. YaYa says:

    Hope you don’t think this is inappropriate (or creepy), but you have a smashing figure! Love the dress, and so excited to hear about your Aussie adventures!

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