5 Tips For Managing Multiple Businesses

Nubby Twiglet | 5 Tips For Managing Multiple Businesses

Over the last year, I’ve launched two new businesses in addition to running this blog. Juggling three separate ventures isn’t easy but I have a few simple tips to make the process smoother if you find yourself in a similar position!

1. Keep one set of books

Before I expanded my business ventures, I sat down with my accountant and asked him how I should structure my books. The thought of potentially keeping track of receipts and accounts across multiple businesses made my head spin! He suggested that I form one LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and then create a DBA (which stands for “doing business as”) for all of my additional ventures.

I took his advice and formed a business under my name, Shauna Haider LLC and then created a DBA for Branch and another for Nubby Twiglet. Since all are housed under my LLC, I now keep one set of books when it comes to taxes.

2. Keep an editorial calendar

Because I am now running two blogs, it’s important for me to keep track of what to post and when to post it. I am constantly dreaming up new ideas and producing content and in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking about which blog it is most appropriate for.

Nubby Twiglet is my personal outlet with content revolving around design and lifestyle topics. Posts relating to personal style, home improvement, travel and advice live here.

On the other hand, the Branch blog is a place for my studio to post business-related content as well as design projects.

I keep detailed editorial calendars with outlines for the next month’s worth of content for each blog as a safety net (though it often shifts for the day depending on my mood). Having that arsenal of ideas scribbled down keeps me from feeling like I’m posting on the fly and in turn, producing sub-par content.

3. Batch process as much as possible

Part of the reason I’m able to stay on top of multiple businesses is because I batch process a lot of smaller tasks. For blog posts, I’ll often shoot all of the images I need for the week over a few hour block of time on the weekend and set up folders on my desktop for each.

When it comes to my design business, if I’m working with multiple new clients at the same time, I’ll do visual research for both at once and produce any similarly formatted presentations on the same day. By mentally focusing on the same steps, I’m able to work much faster.

4. Link personal and business bank accounts

All of my personal accounts including savings and checking as well as my credit card and home mortgage are issued through the same bank. When I set up my business accounts, I made an appointment at my bank and had a separate set of accounts opened but had them linked in with the others. Now, I can log into my account online and see all of my balances across six accounts at the same time.

5. Don’t be afraid to delegate

I’ve always had difficulty with delegating tasks. I tend to think that I can do it all (and do it well) but I’ve had to learn the hard way that this isn’t always the case. Over the last year, I’ve gotten better at letting go. Joey now does all of our grocery shopping and runs most of our household errands so I can spend more time focused on work. A month ago, I hired my mom as the project manager for Branch. Just knowing that she’s taking care of all of my business correspondence gives me peace of mind.

These five changes have saved me so much time and helped my sanity tremendously! Do you have any more tips you’d recommend to make running multiple businesses even easier?

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  1. Jo says:

    I zone out certain times of the day to concentrate on each business. First thing in the morning and late afternoons I focus on my jewellery business. The middle part of the day my web design business gets my attention. By dealing with it this way I find my mind stays on the job in hand as I know at xx time the other business will get my full attention then.

    However I am awful at doing everything I’m supposed to do ie blog updates/social media stuff. I always tend to leave this till last an it never gets done. I’m definitely going to start following your step no 2.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. alicia says:

    I like the idea of batching processes,working on one or two specific tasks for two clients at the same time. You’re already in the “mindset”, it seems so efficient. Even if I am not doing it directly, subconsciously I am always working on simultaneous projects. Yesterday I was working on a moodboard for client A, however when gathering images I kept coming across the perfect ones for client B and before I knew it I had finished both clients up without even planning for it.

    I often find myself ping-ponging back and forth doing this then that, then who-knows-what. Although I get everything done I always feel like a mess. Working hard on setting stricter schedules and time allotments for my own sanity so I can feel more organized and less crazy!

  3. Tania says:

    Great post, this couldn’t have come at a better time Shauna! I actually have a meeting with an accountant tomorrow to talk about the exact same thing.

    Do you have any advice for keeping files (documents, photos etc) organized in the computer when there’s more than one business? I’m trying to come up with a new system for separating things out but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Thanks!

  4. Angel Y. says:

    This is extremely helpful! As I’ve created my own branch of my business, solely dedicated to myself, it’s important that I organize time to dedicate to both businesses. It’s great having a partner to assist but even know, I feel we’re both becoming slightly overwhelmed. I love the idea of batch processing. So important!

  5. Adri VelBac says:

    The one account I keep separately is my savings account, but yeah, I get the time saving and being able to visualize all your bank accounts in one place must bring a sense of more control.

    And I’m still working on my editorial calendar ever since Blogcademy. I’ve tried to make changes as smooth as possible so my readers don’t perceive a load of inconsistency, but I;m getting there :)

    This is awesome! THANKS!

  6. Jodie says:

    Great ideas Shauna, thank you. I use spreadsheets for my editorial calendars, I love the idea of keeping the file on the desk top. Off I go to tidy up my desktop.

  7. katrina says:

    aaahhh. forming an LLC under your name is brilliant. i did it backwards — LLC for my business with my actual name as a DBA.

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  9. Great post – I run several businesses and income streams too, as well as being mum of young twins, and find that a few things have really helped me:
    1. Outsourcing stuff I am bad at (like accounts!) helps me focus on bringing the money in and less time crying over the spreadsheets :)
    2. Hiring a VA when I get really busy helps admin and emails get answered and more time freed up to service clients.
    3. Smart scheduling social updates and smart filing work info to make research easier. I use Zapier, IFTT.com and a number of workarounds to file info, images and research in a jiffy.
    4. Mapping out time in my iCal helps me see how the week is looking, and if I need to re-jiggle anything or if I have overpromised.
    5. Making time to see people and to switch off from work keeps me sane :)
    6. Letting my parter do stuff and not feeling bad about the expectations of being a mum from other outside influences – I am a business owner, I often earn more than my partner, and we are a team to make this thing work.

    Congrats on the businesses, and good luck for the future with them all xx

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  11. Kate Dyer says:

    Shauna – so great to meet you at Blogcademy :) This post is awesome. My number one issue is juggling multiple businesses (mine and my husband’s). I love the parent company idea for finances. At the moment I have set days I work on each brand but I’m now looking at simplifying it and batching similar tasks together such as bookkeeping or blogging. Champion!

    • Shauna says:

      Kate Dyer: I loved getting to chat with you this weekend — we have a lot in common on the business front! For me, batching has been a lifesaver, especially when it comes to running multiple businesses. I do posts for both blogs at once, check into both sets of social media accounts at once, etc. Saves so much time!

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  15. Domonique says:

    These are awesome tips and tidbits. I have face much criticism about trying to manage two businesses while maintaining raising my children. Your blog helps me to realize that I CAN succeed. :) Thanks.

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