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Take Your Blogging to the Next Level in 2014 with The Blogcademy!

The Blogcademy 2014 World Tour

In August 2012, we launched The Blogcademy with a single date in New York, not knowing what to expect. Six days later, the class sold out and we’ve been traveling the world ever since, teaching women the strategy behind blogging. Our last few classes of the year are quickly approaching so we’ve been dreaming big for 2014 and listening to your city suggestions.

The Blogcademy 2014 World Tour

We’ve added quite a few new cities that we’ve never been to before and can’t wait to hit the road once again and meet all of you!

San Francisco
May 10th and 11th
Makeshift Society

May 17th and 18th
We Are The Barkers

June 7th and 8th
Location TBC

Proudly presented by Calgary Fashion
June 14th and 15th
Hotel Le Germain

July 22nd and 23rd
Curtain Road Studios

July 26th and 27th
Agora Collective

August 2nd and 3rd
The Thinking Hut

New York City
September 27th and 28th
Location TBC

October 4th and 5th
Location TBC

November 29th and 30th
Studio 2204

December 3rd and 4th
The Establishment Studios

December 6th and 7th
Location TBC

We hope to see you on the road! If you have any questions, our FAQ is here or you can reach us at headmistresses @ theblogcademy.com.

P.S. We’re always on the lookout for independent businesses to sponsor our goodie bags as well as photographers and videographers for each class. Think you’re a good fit? Check out our sponsorship info here and get in touch!

I Found The Holy Grail Of Black Boots at Zara

Nubby Twiglet | Zara Black Boots

Why does it seem like the most basic staples in our wardrobe end up being the most elusive to find? I’d been on the lookout for a nearly flat pair of stylish black boots for awhile but kept coming up empty-handed. I have plenty of black boots but they were all a little too dressy — none of them were ideal for long walks with Rocky or rainy days.

Nubby Twiglet | Zara Black Boots

Then, for my birthday I got a Zara gift certificate so I figured I’d start there. And after a little digging, I found the holy grail of black boots: black leather, low heel height, great traction, cool hardware, a comfortable rounded toe and priced under $200.00. I ordered them and waited, not expecting much. These basics always seem to look better in their online photographs than in real life, right?

Nubby Twiglet | Zara Black Boots

But when they finally arrived and I slipped them on, they had a nice, roomy fit and were ridiculously comfortable. They’re now the pair of shoes I leave by the door to slip on and go.

Nubby Twiglet | Zara Black Boots

For Fall and Winter, I’m definitely leaning towards well-made, simple monochromatic basics. I’m at the point where my beloved staples including the coat and purse I use every day are wearing out after a few years of nonstop wear. I want things that can easily be dressed up or down and will last me a long time.

Nubby Twiglet | Zara Black Boots

These are some basics I’ve got my eye on: Saturday Buckle-over Dress, Kate Spade Literary Glasses Scarf and the Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag which would all go perfectly with the Zara Zip Ankle Boots.

Are there any attire basics that you’re currently on the hunt for?