Link Love: 10.10.13



• If you’re stuck in a funk about growing your business’s social media presence, read this! Everyone started with 50 fans.

• What does your Twitter bio really say about you?

• If you’re on the lookout for some new design books, check out the Online Book Fair!

• Hand-Sketching: Things you didn’t know your doodles could accomplish.

• Darren Rowse talks about 5 first year posts that led to over 6 million page views on Digital Photography School.

• The top 100 things you honestly don’t need to do before you die!

• San Francisco’s entrepreneurial culture is changing the country.

• 30 renter friendly ideas to spruce up your space!

• Here’s the real story of how Twitter came to be.

• Vanessa just shared a great site for free, non-cheesy stock photos!

• Here’s 10 tips to make sure your property is a good investment.

• 7 reasons to use responsive design.

• Here’s how to take a blog break without losing momentum.

• Are you a vintage shopping fanatic? Here are some mistakes to avoid.

• In case you were wondering: the daily habits of highly productive philosophers!

Image: Mert & Marcus for W Magazine.
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