Latest & Greatest #21: Zara Jewels

Zara Necklace

Zara Necklace

I tend to not wear much jewelry. On an average day, I’m in front of my computer for at least 10 hours and the clink-clank of rings and bracelets hitting my desk and the keyboard drive me insane. When I’m going out though, I like to add some pizzazz to my basic dresses with a statement necklace.

Two weeks ago, when Kat, Gala and I flew in from Greece to London, we were running heavy on causal vacation clothes but lacking some dressier things for four straight days of teaching. Luckily, our next door neighbor in London was Westfield, an upscale mall. So with maybe an hour to spare before our dinner reservations, we hit it hard. I barely found a thing. Then, as I was feeling despair creep in, I hit the jackpot at Zara when I spotted this necklace dangling from the wall.

Zara Necklace

A little bit Coco Chanel, a little bit early Madonna, I knew it was the perfect way to dress up all the simple shift dresses I’d packed. All it took was one statement piece to turn things around. Needless to say, I’m completely, totally obsessed. I have no idea why it reads “Maybe” but it’s definitely a conversation starter!

Featured: Combination Pear and Chain Necklace, Zara.

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