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Oh, Mykonos: A Video Diary

Oh, Mykonos

When it came time to leave Santorini, Greece, the land of romantic sunsets and white-washed villas carved into mountainsides, I was beyond disappointed. What else could possibly measure up to the beauty of this island?!

But, once we arrived in Mykonos, I remembered that comparisons are the root of all evil — it was completely different, in the best way possible. Known as the place to party in the Greek islands, Mykonos is full of beach clubs and five star hotels. Though, I’ll be honest; our hotel was so good that we barely left.

We spent the next four days lounging by the pool, sipping mimosas at breakfast and befriending the hotel staff. Oh, and listening to Club Tropicana one too many times. For better or worse, Gala brought along her video camera so you can check out all the acton! Oh, Mykonos.