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Link Love: 9.5.13

link love

Link Love

• We deserve the clients we get.

• Five reasons you’re earning more money but still unhappy.

• Interior designer Kelly Wearstler shares her personal story along with some great business advice.

• Here’s why purpose has nothing to do with what you “do”.

• If you’re planning a Kickstarter campaign, read this first.

• It’s interesting to read a photographer’s perspective on Pinterest.

• 3 simple questions to understand why your affiliate promotions aren’t working.

• How one lady decided to dream big and landed her ideal job in a up and coming startup.

• Is there really such a thing as a workaholic?

• I love the simplicity of this blade necklace.

• Lisa Devlin discusses why she’s not giving up as a photographer and it comes down to a passion for her craft.

• Storytelling will be the #1 business skill over the next five years.

• 12 unique responsive WordPress themes.

Image: Traveling Greener