Link Love: 8.22.13

link love


• Find out how two friends turned their online shop into a brick and mortar store.

• DIY your very own garment rack!

• New York Normal features illustrations by Rebecca Sloat that poke fun at its eccentricities.

• As a blogger, what fears have you managed to overcome?

• Learn how to make your own sugar-free granola.

• Would you consider hiring a matchmaker?

• Remember when we took the time to get our photos printed and put together albums? This DIY album is inspiring me to get back to basics.

• How to hail a cab in New York City.

• I love these quick and easy smoothie recipes.

• I’ve always admired the branding of the Nolitan Hotel in New York but Bri shows us that the interiors are great as well.

• If you’re looking for some perspective, this is how big the moon is.

• It’s hard to believe that a few of the founding fathers of the U.S. were teenagers.

• Bookshelfies features folks taking selfies in front of their bookshelves. Hey, there’s a Tumblr for everything!

Image: Alone by Cosmosnail on Behance.

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