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Add Some Style To Your Surroundings with H&M Home

H&M Home

I like nice, stylish house stuff that doesn’t break the bank as much as the next person but lately, I’ve been feeling completely, totally uninspired. Nothing has really spoken to me, style-wise. We finished remodeling the basement guest room months ago (I gave you a sneak peek on Friday) but it felt a little barren. Our kitchen towels were all stained and verging on threadbare but I was bored by everything I came across. We needed new mats for our bathrooms but I didn’t want another solid colored option.

And then, I was idly sitting on iChat last week when Bianca sent me a link to some gorgeous housewares. After clicking, my reaction went something like this: “Where is this from?! I need to know! Tell me more! NOW!”

I was suddenly dropped into a retail oasis of type-covered items, many of which were influenced by vintage New York themes. You know, the coolest subway tickets and maps. And it was all available from H&M. Wallet-friendly price tags for stuff I’d been dreaming about for ages?! That never happens!

Needless to say, the subway ticket-inspired hand towels will dress up our bathroom and (hopefully) distract from the fact that it really needs to be remodeled. And the map-covered duvet will add some oomph to our all white guestroom.

H&M Home

These a few of my favorite things: 1. soap dispenser, 2. soap dish, 3. bath mat, 4. guest towels, 5. duvet cover, 6. glass jar, 7. candle, 8. tray, 9. mug, 10. napkins and 11. hand towel.

H&M Home

I am so glad H&M has online shopping now because I’ve never seen any of the home line in our Portland location. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to spruce things up around my house. And this time, there’s no remodeling required!

P.S. I am still working on the slow server issues with Dreamhost. Apologies if the load times are dragging on your end, it’s been a frustrating week trying to get it sorted and I appreciate your patience!