Link Love: 7.11.13

link love

link love

Source: Masha Reva

• Neil Gaiman is taking six months off from social media. Here’s why.

• This post has inspired me to clean up my digital files big time.

• Prince opens up his fridge and you might be surprised by what’s lurking inside. Dunkaroos and yak milk?!

• Scrapbooking always seems to get a bad rap but Elsie explains that it’s more about applying your own style when printing and arranging memories.

• Soon, New York-based businesses will be able to register a .nyc domain name.

• A short, animated look at what’s inside your average cup of coffee.

• 21 signs you’re dating a designer.

• Make the best kale chips you’ll ever have at home.

• This writer wonders if her great grandma is R. Kelly and in the process, manages to laugh in the face of tragedy.

• If you’re getting burnt out on Instagram, VSCO Grid might be the perfect solution. Luke Copping reviews it.

• The New York Times just published an article on my kindred spirits, llamas.

• Jane’s skinny antioxidant ice cream definitely grabbed my attention. I like anything that straddles the line between indulgent and healthy!

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