Link Love: 7.4.13

link love

link love

Source: Sarah Yates for A House in the Hills

Happy Fourth of July!

These are some of my favorite links of the week…

• How you do anything is how you do everything.

• I love Paul Jarvis’ tips for working better.

• Check out this collection of freshly painted houses in the kookiest hues!

• Now that’s some serious dedication! This guy posed for 40 years of yearbook photos in the same outfit.

• Do your goals conflict with your personality?

• What are the biggest mistakes you made when you started blogging?

• Lou Reed reviews Yeezus.

• Alexandra Franzen gives us a backstage tour of her business.

• 5 minute drill: how to negotiate like a pro.

• Camps that focus on getting us away from technology seem to be popping up everywhere.

• The Daily Beast interviews Rick Rubin.

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