Link Love: 6.27.13

link love

link love

Circus and the City by Matthew Wittmann

• Zen Habits explains why it’s pointless to compare yourself and your life to others.

• I’m so impressed with the latest incarnation of Squarespace. Their templates are so beautiful.

• NYC Type documents interesting typography all over the city.

• Taking your vitamins might not be such a good idea after all.

• The newest edition of Launched is live, documenting the best in blog designs.

• When it comes to blogging, some of the best posts transpire when you go back to basics.

• Making your own almond milk isn’t so difficult after all!

• What are your ideal hours to get work done?

• Luminous Lint covers the history of color photography.

• I’m loving the redesigned Kinfolk site.

• The two most highlighted books of all-time are The Bible and Steve Jobs!

• In the late 1800s, Jacob Riis documented what it was like living in New York’s slums.

• Tyler Adam Smith is working on a project, 100 Books that SHOULD be Written and the outcomes are awesome.

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