Tools of the Trade #5: My 4 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

When it comes to posting photos from my iPhone, nothing ever makes its way onto Instagram these days without a run through some of my favorite apps. My four go-to’s at the moment are:

• Afterlight: Hands-down, the app I consistently use for every single photo I edit on my phone is Afterlight. Each option has a slider bar so you can decrease an effect with ease. The sheer amount of creative effects, from beautiful filters to tons of light leaks and a number of simple frames make this indispensable. Frames consisting of letters, numbers and shapes add a unique touch and even better, you can add on a pack of Polaroid frames for 99 cents.

• VSCO CAM: All of my pro photographer friends religiously use this app and absolutely swear by it and I’m finally giving it a spin. The effects are simple, subtle and proof that when editing, less is often more.

• A Beautiful Mess: This app is more decorative but perfect for adding a fun flourish or two. I especially love the collection of words handwritten by Elsie — “travel” above is an example. The ability to change the doodles to a number of fun, saturated colors makes this even better and there’s a ton of add-on packs available.

• House Industries Photolettering App: I just downloaded this app but already love it so much — it’s the perfect addition for type aficionados. Even though packs of some of the fancier fonts are 99 cents a piece, the uniqueness of the offerings make them totally worth it. I used Quaint to add the white and yellow “Y” above.

What photo editing apps do you swear by? Is there anything else out there I should give a try?

* All photos from nubbytwiglet on Instagram.

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