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In Bloom: A Stroll Around My Portland Neighborhood

In Bloom: Portland Tour

At the end of March, the Made U Look girls, fresh into Portland after a 14 hour drive from Bakersfield, swung by my house for a pre-game hangout. When it came time to line up a photographer for The Blogcademy, they were at the very top of our list — their style has always stood out to me because the majority of their photos are shot on a variety of film cameras. I love that sense of mystery because really, you never know what you’re going to get and the results are always so varied. I always feel that sense of suspense creeping up, just waiting to see what they captured and it’s always even better than I could imagine.

Made U Look had perfect timing: when they arrived, my entire S.E. Portland neighborhood was full-on in bloom. That week, the usual drizzly Portland weather had decided to part for us and it didn’t rain for a record five days straight (haha).

In Bloom: Portland Tour

In Bloom: Portland Tour

Only one photography team could convince me to crawl into my grumpy neighbor’s yard and pose in his flowers: Made U Look, of course. As I looked on at Gala, there was a creepy undercurrent…an element of a dark Alice In Wonderland vibe permeated the shoot.

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Latest & Greatest #18: The Novel by Joyce Lee

Latest & Greatest: The Novel

Over the weekend, I rediscovered The Novel by Joyce Lee which I first spotted last year in this beautiful bedroom makeover. I’m still on a huge kick for citrus hues ranging from apricot to mandarin and the tones in this photo represent everything I’m after right now.

I’m loving:

1. The Novel Print, 2. Shape Shifter Dress, 3. Givenchy Pandora Wallet, 4. Washi Tape, 5. Tassel Plume Necklace and 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Neon Cutout Sneakers.

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