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Link Love: 5.30.13

link love

link love

Source: Anna Lomax

• 75 of the best Tumblr blogs for designers is jam-packed with amazing discoveries.

• I always look forward to Launched, which covers the latest blog launches and my friend Star’s beautiful new site is included in this batch!

• What the hell should you do with your life? The whole article had me cracking up, starting at the intro: “So you just graduated. Congratulations. Hopefully you spent the weekend patting yourself on the back. It took me eight years to graduate from college. And that was in the ’90s, when the internet wasn’t even any good yet.”

• Brushing up on your knowledge of espresso-based drinks? This infographic will help!

• This article about a 14-year-old who’s completely addicted to her phone and social media is frightening.

• Take a peek at rejected early drafts of iconic movie posters.

• If you travel often, Jess Lively has the best method for organizing bath products I’ve seen.

• 10 notable design books of 2013.

• Thanks to the stills from this post, I’m even more excited to see Behind The Candelabra now. The costumes, blow-dried hairdos…it’s all too much. Obsessed.

• 11 quick tips for writing compelling posts on your blog.

• Gala shares how she made the transition from corporate corpse to blogger babe.

• Looking for a real time waster? Check out the list of common misconceptions that Wikipedia has gathered!