Link Love: 5.23.13

link love

link love

Source: Emily Shur for Paper Magazine

• Are you charging enough for your services?

• Curious about how notable places and streets in San Francisco got their names? You’ll love this site.

• I keep hearing about the Fascination Advantage Test and Breanna Rose piqued my interest further to take it.

• Hitting the road this summer? Kate Spade has a fantastic series of city guides.

• I love reading about people’s perceptions of wealth and money. This interview with a man who made 570K last year and is still worried about income (!!!) was fascinating.

• Here’s the difference between price and value.

• 10 things you don’t want your yoga instructor to say to you!

• I love this aerial photography of scenes from around the world by Katrin Korfmann.

• How to piss off every New Yorker in 36 seconds.

• The top 10 questions that millennials ask the internet.

• 8 successful entrepreneurs give themselves lessons they wish they would have known.

• I like Jasmine Star’s advice on how to get interaction on a Facebook fan page.

• Have you ever received a ludicrously large tip? Did these thoughts run through your head? 

• 100 abandoned houses.

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