Link Love: 5.16.13

link love

link love

Source: Chen Man

• If you’re self-employed and accounting scares you to death, you MUST read this post. By the time you get to the end, it won’t seem so bad at all! Promise.

• How do you explain to your children that experiences can be more valuable than job titles or money?

• Are you a fan of obscure words? Check out Lexican….and then impress and annoy your friends!

• Learn how to say yes to the unknown.

• Why does one bad review stick with us and overpower all the great ones people leave?

• Author Maureen Johnson kept hearing from male readers asking for less “girly” covers on her books, so that they could read them in public. She issued a challenge on Twitter and asked people to submit new versions and here are some of the results.

• Kandee Johnson has 3 reasons to not be so hard on yourself.

• I love this umbrella customization DIY. So much fun!

23 signs you’ve lived in New York City too long.

• The Zen Habits guide to practical compassion is beautifully written.

• What exactly does it mean to be part of the so-called privileged poor?

• I love these cookie cutters by Printmeer. They’re all made with a 3D printing machine!

• Anna just saw Peter Murphy perform last week and has some great concert-going tips.

• Learn how to make your own coffee shop oatmeal. Yum!

• I’m totally blown away by these New York and London double exposures.

• When singing a lease, here’s what to consider.

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