The Week in Pictures: 5.10.13

The Week In Pictures

The big news this week is that our backyard bar is getting a lot closer to being finished. I’ve been pretty antsy to get it together and that can mostly be attributed to the fact that once we get it done (and the rest of the backyard landscaped), we’re finally going to have a legit party. The housewarming party we never had.

In the summer of 2009 when my brother and I bought our house, we were faced with barren rooms (we had no money to quickly furnish the place) and more repairs than we knew what to do with. When Joey moved in during the Spring of 2010, it quickly became apparent that he not only knew how to do construction but also electrical and plumbing. Joey’s handiwork around the house including transforming a poorly framed gazebo into a soon-to-be bar has blown us away. I really wish I had proper “before” photos. There was literally a cement slab, 4 posts and the roof. More details shots soon — he’s made a lot more progress since this photo!

The Week In Pictures

I always like to pick up a nice bunch of flowers for the dining room since it’s one of the first rooms you see when you walk in our house. I’ve become completely enamored with gladiolus over the last few weeks because they’re massive and live for quite long. I like this bunch even better than our last.

The Week In Pictures

After a mini break, we’ve been hitting The Blogcademy to-do list hard again just in time for a big announcement next week. I also spent some time adding in a spread to our media kit featuring our Portland class by Made U Look.

The Week In Pictures

I’ve been on a huge kick of drinking coffee at home. Joey is a pro with our new espresso maker and it’s true, I like his coffee better than most places in town now. More on this topic next week — working on a full post!

The Week In Pictures

I wish I had a chance to visit Washington Park more often. I was just there on Sunday and it takes a little work to get there, driving down tiny, windy roads that feel like they’ll never end but then, you park and this is the view as you enter the park. It’s the best way to start your day!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! It’s beautiful out today and the Dalai Lama is visiting S.E. Portland. I’m looking forward to balancing business and pleasure a little better this weekend — hitting the freelance but also taking lots of long walks and enjoying our improved back yard.

Any fun plans you’re looking forward to this weekend?

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