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Link Love: 4.25.13

link love

link love

Daphne Groenvald by Txema Yeste for Bazaar Spain

• Fast Company did a massive profile on Jenna Lyons and my biggest takeaway is to stick to your guns and follow your gut while being empathetic to those who are part of the creactive process. A really inspiring read!

• I loved Anna’s honesty when it comes to the fear of doing something wrong, in this case art. When that fear overtakes us, it’s easier to procrastinate and make excuses than dive in but what’s the worse thing that can happen?

• How to Work with Creative People features original quotes from designers, managers and more on how to work more effectively with creative types.

• If you want to actually stick to your goals this year, read this.

• Anna Lucylle is a designer with a penchant for fonts and photography and her latest project is jaw-droopingly good! 10 hours of makeup and a lot of research later, her first installment has come to life.

• In sad but true news, hotel minibars are fading away.

• Breanna Rose has some helpful tips when it comes to resumes and cover letters.

• Looking for a laugh? Check out the To Do Cat!

• If you want to look better in photos (and really, who doesn’t?!), Garance Doré has compiled seven tips and really, she should know!

• I love The Everygirl because they give difficult issues a voice including this first-hand account of escaping an arranged marriage.

• Think your computer is old? It has nothing on this IBM that has been running strong since 1948!

• When we’re first starting out in business, it’s easy to forget how important it is to reinvest in order to grow.

• What aspiring designers need to know when it comes to strategy.

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