Tools of the Trade #1: Designers Toolbox

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Welcome to Tools of the Trade, a column where I’ll be dropping in to share some of my favorite go-to design resources!

Over the weekend, while putting together a custom envelope design for a client, I needed a dieline for a very particular set of dimensions. I was instantly reminded of a great resource I’ve been using for years, Designers Toolbox.

Designers Toolbox is a comprehensive collection of design resources including envelope, business card and postcard sizes and most sections have accompanying dimensions along with downloadable dielines! This is especially helpful if you’re producing items for a client in another country since these measurements aren’t standardized worldwide.

The web resources are fantastic as well. A web banner chart with dimensions, a compilation of basic HTML characters and visuals of web safe areas are just some of the free resources you’ll find.

I hope you’ll enjoy this fantastic resource as much as I do!

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