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Link Love: 4.4.13

link love

Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

• Do you suffer from online myopia? One of the most noticeable symptoms is overtly seeking online validation while disregarding real world experiences. As bloggers, I feel like it’s so easy to slip into this.

• Here are three paths towards a more creative life.

• I love how this restaurant has incorporated Pantone swatches into their menu!

• Attending a design nerd’s birthday party? Why not bring along an ampersand piñata?

• Check out this gallery of zoo animals decked out in their finest attire!

• This floral headboard sure is gorgeous! I love the idea of dressing up your basic furniture and to keep it practical, adding just a few would still look great.

• I enjoyed reading Elsie & Emma’s tips about working from home. I always learn something new when I read about other people’s routines.

• If you have trouble saying no to projects, learn how to do it tactfully!

• 3 ways to wrap a flower: so simple and chic!

• If you’re struggling to get started with your blog, stop making excuses because you’ll be waiting forever.

• What if you decided to pass on the perfect, curated image of yourself and instead started only posting self-proclaimed ugly self-portraits?

• If you’re curious, these are the 25 least visited countries in the world!

• If you’re a wedding photographer and have to miss a wedding you booked, how do you handle the situation?

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